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Brian Smoluch, a fund manager at the Portland, Oregon-based Hood River Small-Cap Growth fund , has been buying shares of Digimarc Corp because of its so-called invisible barcodes that speed up scanning of packages. "If it takes a nanosecond to scan something, it allows a retailer to have fewer people at a checkout counter and makes self-checkout an easier proposition," he said. That said, the $300 million market cap company is a "high-risk, high-reward stock" because its success depends on companies adopting its technology over rivals. Eric Marshall, a fund manager at Dallas-based Hodges Capital, has been buying shares of digital measurement company FARO Technologies Inc and kitchen equipment maker Middleby Corp . Faro, for instance, creates three-dimensional measuring tools used in aerospace and automotive manufacturing. Middleby, meanwhile, recently introduced robots which can prepare French fries as quickly as a human line cook, saving labor costs and improving reliability. "As labor costs go up you're going to see more automated kitchens within fast-casual restaurants, and Middleby is one of the key innovators in that industry," Marshall said. MADE IN THE USA Republicans are likely to push tax policies that provide incentives to manufacture goods in the United States, regardless how the work is done, analysts say. The result could be that there are more goods made at home, without a significant reduction in the unemployment rate, which is currently at 4.7 percent as of December.

Duke Energy Florida to build solar power plant in Suwannee County - Electric Light & Power

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